CyberLink AudioDirector Ultra 7.0.7110.0 Multilingual

CyberLink AudioDirector Ultra 7.0.7110.0 Multilingual

AudioDirector 极致版 – 创造声音无限可能、视频声动精彩! 立即试用,感受强大声音编辑魅力:

  • 动态强化视频的声音质量,自打造精准的5.1或7.1声道动态环场音效
  • 与威力导演完美整合,拥有极为顺畅、无接缝的音效/视频工作流程
  • 利用直觉式录音及混音工具,创作独一无二听觉特效
  • 使用专业级视觉修复工具,移除多余声音,将声音还原至最纯净状态。
  • 从DirectorZone云端资源网站免费下载各式音效风格文件套用至剪辑项目
  • 使用iPhone app – AudioClipper随时录制各种声音并汇入使用。

语言: 英文, 繁体中文, 日文, 西班牙文, 韩文, 简体中文, 德文, 法文, 意大利文

CyberLink AudioDirector Ultra 7.0.7110.0 Multilingual | 246.6 MB

Audio is half of the movie experience, and improving the audio in video projects dramatically enhances the final result. AudioDirector contains cutting-edge tools that make editing and fixing audio tracks fast and simple. With end-to-end audio features and seamless integration with PowerDirector, AudioDirector is a must-have application for extreme video makers.

Round-trip Editing
AudioDirector works flawlessly with PowerDirector, providing effortless round-trip editing. With round-trip editing there is no need to export your modified sound tracks and then re-import them your into your video project.

Precision A/V Syncing
Visual editing tool lets you accurately synchronize voice-overs or audio effects to specific video frames, while automated dialogue replacement helps you to seamlessly align post-recorded audio to your video.

64-bit Support
AudioDirector offers a native 64-bit support editing engine for improved system efficiency and seemless performance while you edit your audio.

4K Video Rendering
Add high-quality audio to your Ultra HD resolution videos with support for both 2K and Ultra HD 4K video production and now rendering.

Faster Loading & Conversion
AudioDirector 7 lets you get to work quicker with less resource instensive loading and importing. Once you’re done, outputting your work to whatever format you choose is a breeze, even if you have to convert the original file to a new format.

Surround Sound Panner
Create sophisticated surround sound projects using dynamic panning technology

Total Output Control
Enjoy precise control over speaker output, including setting timed repeats of established sound pans

Upto 7.1 Channel Audio
Produce your audio files with support for up to 7.1 channel audio, bit rates up to 192kHz and 32-bit depth for clarity and fidelity.

Visual Effect Timeline
An innovative display presents effects on a layered timeline below the audio waveform so you can see all applied effects at a glance.

Vocal Transformer
Vocal Transformer lets you alter existing vocals into the voice personality of your choice. Choose from five existing presets or create your own.

Pitch Bender
Set keyframe points and accurately transform the pitch of audio tracks to give your recordings the exact effect you’re after.

Stereo Expander NEW
Use new Stereo Expander to virtually give tracks a wider stereo presence and sound fuller.

Visual Repair
Choose between waveform and frequency spectrum visual interfaces, which highlights audio imperfections and allows you to fix them using Visual Repair.

Noise Profile Presets
Once you have successfully repaired audio using hum or hiss removal, you can save the repair function settings as a preset for future use on other audio tracks.

Restoration Adjustment Tools
– Noise Reduction – Clears unwanted static and background noise
– Declip – Removes distortion caused by clipping
– Declick – Clears track of clicks, pops and crackles
– Hiss Removal – Eliminates hissing sounds from audio tracks
– Hum Removal – Gets rid of low frequency audio artifacts

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