Macphun Creative Kit 2016 Pro 2016.11.21 MacOSX

Macphun Creative Kit 2016 Pro (20.10.2016)

Macphun公司于今日正式发布了一款全新产品,即全新设计、全新配置的Creative Kit 2016 ,是公司之前所发行的应用 Focus、Noiseless、Tonality、Intensify、Snapheal以及FX Photo Studio的集合体。



除了Adobe的应用程序之外,Creative Kit 2016还可以兼容Apple Photos。鉴于Macphun的应用程序曾经也和Aperture(苹果公司推出的首款后期图像处理工具软件,现已不存在)合作过,所以这一点也就不足为奇了。


不过关于Creative Kit也有一些争论,在与Apple Photos的兼容上,有人认为这款应用程序纯粹就是Aperture的替代品。

公司是这样回应的:我们的确借鉴了Photos的管理工具,但是我们提供的是功能更多、更强的图片编辑工具,大大提升了用户潜在的创造力。这一点是Photos所没有的,因此准确地说,我们并不是Aperture的替代品。我们的产品——Creative Kit能够最大限度地提供类似的图片编辑体验,至少我们所提供的大量功能强大的图片编辑工具都非常方便使用,用户几乎不需要学习曲线就能够简单地将图片编辑成自己喜欢的样子。

此外,图片管理工具Snapselect和图片查找应用Lost Photos并没有融合到Creative Kit中。




目前,Creative Kit有三种版本:售价为99.99美元的Starter’s Edition、售价为149.99美元的Complete Kit以及售价为179.99美元的Complete Kit Pro。

Macphun Creative Kit 2016 | MacOSX | 817 MB
Stand-alone and Plugins for Photoshop and Lightroom

7 award-winning photography apps, designed exclusively for Mac users. Elevate your experience of photo editing with fast powerful, yet simple software. And make amazing photos faster!

Thousands of users. Millions of beautiful photos. One Kit.
Creative Kit brings everything you need to create amazing photos. From dramatic black and white images to charming portraits. From inspiring landscapes to jaw-dropping action shots. And much more.

Reveal the hidden beauty of your photos. Get instant results with dozens of pro presets. Or use powerful Structure, Sharpness, Detail and Pro contrast enhancements for mind-blowing photos.

The world’s most advanced black & white photo editor. Reimagine your monochrome image editing with hundreds of presets, layers, unique digital controls, authentic grain and more.

Erase unwanted objects and strangers. Cut out any odd or excessive details. Let a handy Clone & Stamp tool help you replace them with something nice. Equip yourself with the Smart Brush and take all imperfections away.

Pro lens effects without expensive gear. Use a combination of smart blur controls and powerful lens effects. Focus is the best photo app for Mac to focus on truly meaningful things.

Get rid of the digital noise on your photos. Preserve details and structure, save your night shots by turning them crispy and clear. Have Noiseless work on your images pixel by pixel to make them smooth & vibrant in mere seconds.

FX Photo Studio
Experiment with styles and looks. Use the multitude of FX Photo Studio filters to create customized images. Choose from 200+ effects. Combine or apply them selectively with the most handy Mac photo editor in the Kit.

Aurora HDR
Aurora HDR™ is the world’s most powerful HDR photo editor. Made exclusively for Mac. You get tools, power, flexibility and creative freedom to make beautiful photos in minutes, without Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom or any other software.

Macphun Creative Kit Pro 2016 Includes:
– FX Photo Studio CK Pro 2016
– Focus CK Pro 2016
– Intensify CK Pro 2016 1.2.3
– Noiseless CK Pro 2016 1.3.2
– Snapheal CK Pro 2016 1.5.1087
– Tonality CK Pro 2016 1.4.2
– Aurora HDR 2017 1.0.1
– Luminar 1.0.1

• Intel, 64-bit processor
• OS X 10.9 or later
• Optionally, for plug-in:
◦ Adobe Photoshop CS5 or later
◦ Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 or later
◦ Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 or later
◦ Apple Aperture 3.2 or later

OS – MacOSX 10.10 or Later
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