Forecast Bar 2.8 MacOSX

Forecast Bar 1.1 MacOSX

Forecast Bar Mac版这款软件交互性操作几乎为0,但提供的天气数据非常详尽,Forecast Bar Mac版的Menubar 下拉菜单分三个层次展示信息:目前天气 – 未来8小时天气 – 未来5天天气。

Forecast Bar 2.x  | MacOSX | 7 MB

Forecast Bar – weather forecast right in the menu bar. With beautiful background images, in accordance with current weather conditions and time of day, and all this in a simple and intuitive interface.

Panel Forecast Bar, in addition to weather information displays including:
Current conditions, high and low temperature, cloud conditions, and relative humidity
Brief description of the weather in the next hour, and in the next 24 hours
Animated diagrams showing the temperature and rain forecasts over the next 8:00
When the rain is expected within the hour, you will be given an animated graph showing the intensity of rain
5-day forecast with high and low temperatures and weather conditions
Stunning animated icons for each state of the weather
Full description of local adverse weather conditions and alerts (US only), including notification center Notification
and much more

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