Lively Logic 1.4.2 MacOSX

Lively Logic 1.4.2

是基于Mac OS系统上的一款数据分析软件,它拥有强大的功能,能够有效分析你的数据集,进行计算,并能够创建图表、微调内容和外观,大大的提升了你的工作效率。

Bring your data to life using line graphs, scatter plots, bar graphs, bubble graphs, tables, and more to communicate with your audience and get your point across.

Built-in styles and color schemes will help your charts look great—whether you’re presenting them, printing them, or publishing them online. You can create multiple views of your data, or combine graph types and include data from multiple datasets in a single graph.

* Create line graphs, scatter plots, bar graphs, bubble graphs, candlestick charts, pie charts, and tables, with drag-and-drop ease.
* The inspector bar gives you control over the content and appearance of your graphs, without clutter or unnecessary complexity. You can quickly add series, choose data values, change graph types, and customize axes, fonts, and colors.
* Graph axes automatically scale to fit your data—or you can move or resize them just by dragging.
* Add best fit curves to scatter plots, or bars or checkmarks to tables.
* Enter formulas to model variables or analyze quantities in a dataset. Whenever the values in the dataset change, the calculations are automatically updated to show the new results.
* Over 80 arithmetic, statistical, logical, calendar, and text functions are available to help you work with your data.
* Import or export CSV files. Save graphs and charts as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, or PDF files, or copy & paste them into other apps.

Compatibility: OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor

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