Shade3D Professional x86/x64

Shade3D Professional (x86/x64)

 是一个灵活的套件,引入了先进的3D建模、渲染和动画流程,可同时适用于Mac OS X和Windows平台。使用Shade可以作为一个完整的独立的工具集,或者作为你目前工作流程中关键的设计工具。32位和64位硬件加速的Shade结合强大的ShadeGrid网络渲染,能够轻松扩展,提供快速渲染可能性。


Professional (x86/x64) | 590 Mb

Challenge your imagination in 3D! An amazing creative tool for professionals and a great start for beginners! Ready for 3D Printing!

A new method of Subdivision is now supported. As a extended version of the famous Catmull- Clark subdivision system, OpenSubdiv allows you to control your edges sharpness and apply subdivision exactly on the targeted spots.

Polygon Reduction
This tool will reduce the polygon number of any objects and at the same time will preserve the original shape. Perfect for games and models acquired from 3D scanners.

Wrapping Mesh
The Wrapping Mesh tool will create a single watertight shape out of several complicated objects. It is perfect for 3D printing.

Thanks to the Curve Surface modeling, you can achieve an amazing level of detail and create shapes with more ease than with traditional polygon modeling technique.

Animation Output
Create an animation by combining a variety of joint (such as bones) and skin settings and then output to a file format such as MOV or AVI.

3D Printing Assistant
A brand new 3D Printing Assistant will help you to check and repair your model and get it ready for 3D Printing ( STL and OBJ formats).

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