Net Radar 1.0.1 MacOSX

Net Radar 1.0.1 Mac OS X

Network Radar for mac是Mac os平台上的一款帮助用户管理网络的Mac软件,Network Radar for mac能帮助用户扫描你的网络和检索网络上的设备的详细信息,使用监控功能,并得到通知时的装置变更可达性,还能分配自己的名字,并从提供的图标中选择或输入自己的图标。

Net Radar monitors the status of your VPN connection and shows the current geographical location of the public IP address of your Internet connection in the menu bar. Net Radar will warn you immediately when your connection is no longer private.

• Runs in the menu bar, showing the current geographical location of your Internet connection.
• The color of the displayed location indicates the status of your VPN connection.
• Clicking on the menu bar item will display a popup showing the location on a map and the status of your VPN connection.
• Can be automatically launched at startup of your Mac.
• Works with all types of remote VPN connections.
• The type of warning can be configured to be a simple notification, a modal dialog, or as a popup.
• Does not interfere with your Internet connection or VPN setup.
• Includes a Setup Assistant that leads you through a few simple steps to set up Net Radar.
• Can also be used to just monitor the location of your public IP address, without VPN verifications.

Net Radar monitors your VPN connection on two levels, internally and externally. Internally Net Radar monitors the start and end of VPN connections. After each change, Net Radar inspects the VPN status externally by comparing the geographical location of your unprotected public IP address, with the current metadata of your active Internet connection. When they are clearly different, then your VPN connection is working as expected. If they are the same, a clear warning will be shown by Net Radar, and the location name in the menu bar will be displayed in red.

Simply follow the Configuration Assistant after installation, to configure the baseline settings. Net Radar works with any kind of VPN connection, including connections initiated by the commonly used custom apps from the major VPN service providers.

What’s New in Version 1.0.1
Compatibility fixes for macOS Sierra.

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor
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