Noiz-Lab 7-Step Mastering Suite v1.0.0 WiN / OSX

Noiz-Lab 7-Step Mastering Suite v1.0.0 WiN / OSX

Noiz-Lab 7-Step Mastering Suite v1.0.0 WiN / OSX | 7 Mb / 4 Mb

Get in control. Master your music like a pro in 7 easy steps. A complete plug-in suite for anyone mastering at home. Thinking of doing your own mastering? Take a look at our 7-step mastering suite and see how easy it can be!

An easy tool for cleaning up and stabilizing the low end of your track. It’s a combination of a (up to 3x cascaded) state variable high pass filter and a stereo imager with a smooth, S-shaped transition from 100% stereo up to 100% mono.

A user-friendly Mid Side Equalizer for improving the tonal balance and stereo image of your track. It is designed to be as transparent as possible. It has two separate volume knobs and a solo button that automatically soloes the selected signal.

A flexible full-band compressor to control
the dynamics of your track. It’s modeled to preserve the warmth of your track. You can switch between peak and RMS detection and apply parallel compression techniques because of the mix knob.

A simple tool for adding tape- and tube saturation, to give your track an analogue feel. You can solo both parts of the plug-in and easily shape the tonal color of the added harmonics with two high/low pass filter combination knobs.

An analog style stereo equalizer for correcting the overall tonal balance of your track. It is designed to have a warm sound, making it ideal for adding a specific coloration to your track or for boosting frequencies that increase psychoacoustical loudness.

A simple plug-in for preserving and reinforcing the impact of more powerful music genres. It is specifically designed to target kick- and snare transients and can be essential in achieving competitive loudness with minimal drawbacks.

A powerful tool for maximizing your tracks’ volume while preserving psychoacoustical loudness. Its (pre)attack- and release curves are designed to minimize distortion, while an intelligent algorithm scales the release time to the necessary gain reduction.

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