Book Collector Pro 16.4.5 Multilingual

Book Collector Pro 是一款图书信息收集管理软件,只需扫描条形码或录入书名即可将书的信息保存到数据库中。自动从在线图书数据库(如:国会图书馆)查找和下载图书信息。图书信息包括:书名、作者、年份、出版商、ISBN、封面图片等等。你可以对图书列表进行排序,搜索,分组、打印或以Html及文本格式输出。

使用 Book Collector的数据库应用程序的目录,可以快捷方便的添加图书数据库,没有打字需要。只要输入作者,标题和藏书将自动下载所有从互联网上(如亚马逊和图书馆大会党),包括封面图片的各种来源的信息。使其所产生的数据库可以浏览和分类,以各种方式搜索(例如,找到单词“房子”为标题的所有书籍,排序类型的书籍,等等..)。 Book Collector Pro 16.x Multilingual | 16 Mb Book Collector – use this book database application to catalog your book collection.Adding books to the database is quick and easy, no typing needed. Just type the author and title and Book Collector will automatically download all information from various sources on the internet (like Amazon and Library of Congres), including the cover image.

After adding your books, the resulting database can be browsed, sorted and searched in various ways (e.g. find all books with the word “house” in the title, sort your books by Genre, etc…).

Book lists can be printed and exported to HTML, CSV files or XML. Furthermore, you have the possibility to use the integrated Loan Manager to track which books you loaned and to whom.

Here are some key features of “ Book Collector”:
· Catalog books without typing
· All data is downloaded to your book database automatically
· Instantly sort your lists
· On any field, e.g. alphabetically by author, title or genre, or by year
· Search your book database
· E.g. find a book by title or find all books you haven’t read yet
· Print any list you want
· You decide which books to print, which fields and in which order
· Export data to HTML lists
· Place your book database on a website, including cover images
· Track your loans.

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