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Total Recorder Editor Pro 14.2.1

一款优秀的录音软件,其功能强大,支持的音源极为丰富。不仅支持硬件音源,如:麦克风、电话、CD-ROM和Walkman等,还支持软件音源,比 如:Winamp、RealPlayer、Media player等,而且它还支持网络音源,如:在线音乐、网络电台和Flash等。除此之外还可以巧妙地利用Total Recorder完成一些不可能完成的任务。总之,“全能录音员”这一称号对Total Recorder来说一点都不过分。音频玩家最关心的还是录音质量,Total Recorder 的工作原理是利用一个虚拟的“声卡”去截取其他程序输出的声音,然后再传输到物理声卡上,整个过程完全是数码录音,因此从理论上来说不会出现任何的失真。

Total Recorder Editor Pro 14x | 15 Mb

Total Recorder Editor is a fun and easy-to-use Windows program that lets you record, edit and burn any audio files while viewing its waveform display. It features an array of specialized audio tools all wrapped up into one app. It’s great for creating, editing and managing your audio projects. It allows recording from any audio source your computer supports to edit, enhance and burn them. It also extracts pure digital audio directly from your audio CD.

Record Any Sound You Hear
You can record any signal played through your sound card from all multimedia files, Game, Flash, Application, Streaming Audio, and peripheral equipment saving as MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG. It integrates the intelligent silent detector to auto start, auto stop, auto pause, auto restart for skipping silent passages, combining multi-files in one file & snooping voice.

Edit Audio File Visually & Precisely
Total Recorder Editor is your complete audio solution. Use it to perfectly cut, copy, paste and trim all of your recordings in detail. The editing is performed with millisecond precision and you can do whatever you want to twist your audio.

Add Audio Effects
Do you play an instrument? Total Recorder Editor can create finished productions that sound just like store-bought CDs from your solo recordings! Thanks to the easy handling, everything takes place as if by itself, and no prior experience is necessary! It is the first choice for adding audio effects like amplify, compressor, delay, equalize, fade in/fade out, flanger, invert, normalize, phase, reverb, reverse, silence, stretch, vibrato, etc.

Support All Major Audio Formats
Total Recorder Editor provides perfect support for a number of audio formats including MP3, MP2, OGG, WMA, WAV, AAC, AC3, AU, MMF, M4A, FLAC and more. Thus you can make your recordings playable on all devices.

Batch Process with Audio Files
Total Recorder Editor comes with an audio converter that can convert a huge amount of audio files in batch. More than that, you can apply the same effects to a whole list of files without wasting time to choose the effect for each of them.

Load Audio CD
If you have a beloved audio CD that you want to edit one of the tracks, you don’t need to rip the CD to harddisk – Total Recorder Editor allows loading an audio CD track directly to the editor waveform window. The CDDB support is provided for free.

Preview the Effects in Real-time
To help get exactly the effect you want, Total Recorder Editor provides real-time preview of the result before you apply the change. It saves much time from outputting the audio again and again before you are satisfied.

Reduce Unwanted Noise Easily
There are always annoying noises in live recordings and digitized sound of analog media. Whether you’re dealing with hiss, hum, computer fan noise, or any other constant background sound, Total Recorder Editor can reduce it and sometimes, eliminate it.

Adjust by Presets or Parameters
Presets are a handy way to adjust audio effects without having to learn a lot of details about their parameters. To meet professional needs, many parameters of each audio effect are available for manual numeric adjustment.

Frequency Analysis
Total Recorder Editor provides Frequency Analysis to analyze tonal and dynamic range. You can move the mouse over the graph area to display the frequency and amplitude components of that frequency for better research.

Text to Speech (TTS)
You may convert written text into MP3 files! It can’t be easier to create an audiobook from a paper one. You may also insert TTS voice into an audio file.

Join Audio Files
There is always a need to combine several audio clips together and that’s why you need an audio merger. The built-in audio merger of Total Recorder Editor can join multiple audio files of different formats/bitrates at the same time.

View Audio in Different Modes
Total Recorder Editor provides waveform mode for visual editing; spectral view modes for visualizing frequencies; linked or independent L and R channel for volume adjustment.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Total Recorder Editor also supports standard Windows keyboard commands and mouse shortcuts. Keyboard Shortcuts control lets you assign any key or key combination to the buttons to save operating time.

Ease of Use
Total Recorder Editor is easy as pie! Just download, install and use it. Probably you won’t need any manual to complete your first editing. Meanwhile, we provide tutor material to help users with least experience twist their audio files in a few minutes.

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