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PdfGrabber是一款用于导出PDF文件的工具,可以将PDF文件格式转换成Excel、RTF或者Word格式. PdfGrabber允许在其他应用程序如Word,Excel或者Access中编辑和进一步处理PDF内容而不用安装Acrobat. PdfGrabber显著的特点是其有效的输出模式管理和自动检测任何数目的输入目录.

PixelPlanet PdfGrabber 8.x | 55.6 MB

PdfGrabber opens up a range of new possibilities for processing PDF files. Rather than having to accept the restrictions associated with this format, PdfGrabber enables simple conversion into a range of other file types. Edit PDF content in Microsoft Word®, Excel® and PowerPoint®.

Export technical drawings to your CAD program, save complete documents for archiving as TIFF or extract all the images contained, for example, as JPEG files. Do you want to integrate PDFs into your website? Or read these on your iPad®? With the PdfGrabber this, too, is no problem thanks to conversion to HTML and the eBook format, ePUB.

For professional users, PdfGrabber enables export to ASCII-Text and XML as well as various other automation options, such as the creation of export profiles, monitoring of folders and control via the command line.

Some Features of PdfGrabber:
– Export the contents of a PDF file in various formats (XLS, DOC, RTF, TXT, DXF / AutoCAD, PowerPoint, etc.).
– Extensive export profile settings.
– Select the output folder.
– Start the program from the command line.
– Automatic monitoring of the different incoming folders with different profiles of exports.
– Support for method Drag’n’drop.
– Export a range of pages (all from one to another individual).
– Export range of contents (top, bottom of the page, the beginning of the document, the end of the document).
– Selection of items to be exported (text, shapes, links, annotations, images, digital signatures, etc.).

New features in the PdfGrabber 8:
1) Version 8 features a range of innovations. A completely new technology ensures a significant improvement in the recognition of tables and Microsoft Excel® output. Also the quality of conversion to Microsoft Word® and Microsoft PowerPoint® could be increased again.
2) Completely new is the subsequent vectorization of PDF documents: the first time even scanned PDFs can be opened and edited in CAD.
3) And with the output in HTML 5, we support the latest changes in web site development.
4) Completely new is the subsequent vectorization of PDF documents: the first time even scanned PDFs can be opened and edited in CAD.

OS : Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
Language : English

Home Pagehttp://www.pdfgrabber.com

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