Update – Freeware – MailEnable Standard v9.61

Want to host an Windows based email service from your own domain? I’ve been using MailEnable for over 6 years. A much older version was included with a hosting package on Windows 2003 Server. Not being an “IT PRO” (whatever that really is) I feel blessed that this was the default email service pre-installed on “my box.” If you can get the “MX records pointing your way” etc… and you’re good with computers, you’ll be able to to make this work. Lots of options, but once up and running it’s purely “Set & Forget” for months at a time. Even some security auditing built in! Besides having an occasional issue with a “poorly formatted email” clogging an account…. (Which hasn’t been an issue for over a year now) This tool is fantastic. Honestly I haven’t upgraded to the most recent version yet, as I have had 0 problems with my aging version. I have updated versions numerous times (in the past) on a live box with zero problems! I will most likely be doing it soon with this version too, as “I expect history to proceed itself.” NOTE: The only reasons in the past for me to upgrade was to hopefully fix the rare clogging issue which required manual (tedious) isolation of the afflicting email, followed by deletion on the server and finally a restart… Knock on wood, I haven’t had to do this since the last update I performed nearly two years ago! Bottom Line: You’d be foolish to even contemplate looking elsewhere. (Unless you choose to let Google Apps handle your domain.) Review details

This Email Server is a top program it works very well on low end servers. They are making a lot of other companies look DUM. Keep up the great work. Review details

I’ve been running MailEnable Standard since before v1.96. It has been running reliably on my system. Sometimes I forget that I’m running a mail server, which is exactly what I want. Thank you MailEnable developers! Review details

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