Update – Freeware – Glary Utilities Free v5.69

While I have been a long time user of GU, I now have thrown it to the side for every simple option you want to check or uncheck you are met with a code window to purchase…

There are still great freebies that will do what Glary does.

Sorry GU, you’ve pretty much locked all useful options forcing people like me to have to purchase. I wouldn’t call this free any more, more like “Disableware” in my opinion. Keep it.

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I have found Glary Utilities Free to be consistent with key fundamental components to a software that is most effective: exceptionally engineered, user friendly, in every respect does exactly what it say it will do. That is priceless.

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Tried it and it cleared up over 1400 problems! I have been having nothing but problems with my PC and have tried everything to fix it…not only did Glary Utilities fix everything but my pc is running soooooo much faster! I want to tell the world about it!

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