CONVERGE 2.3.0 Win64/Linux64 datecode 14022017

Converge (64bit) 2.1.0

CONVERGE是美国Convergent Science Inc.(CSI)开发的革新性的热流体分析软件,它解决了网格生成这一CFD模拟中一个重要障碍。高效求解器配合自动网格生成功能极大缩短了计算时间。


CONVERGE自动生成正交六面体网格,并且还具有动态网格加密,负荷平衡功能,以取得较高计算精度。求解复杂现象的物理模型有喷雾模型,RANS 和LES湍流模型,燃烧模型,广泛应用于内燃机的共轭传热模型,流固耦合模型,辐射模型和VOF模型。


(64bit) 2.x | 1.02g

CONVERGE is a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) code that completely eliminates the user time needed to generate a mesh through an innovative run-time mesh generation technique. Because of this, CONVERGE:

– allows moving boundaries to be handled completely automatically
– eliminates the deforming mesh issues typically associated with moving boundaries
– allows for perfectly orthogonal cells resulting in improved accuracy and simplified numerics
– maintains the true geometry, independent of the mesh resolution

Our Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR) technology is a fully customizable technique that refines the mesh at run-time automatically where it is needed. You will never again have to guess where to add resolution ahead of time. AMR increases accuracy while decreasing run-times by using more mesh where it’s needed and less where it’s not.

Our detailed chemistry solver SAGE and our pioneering Genetic Algorithm optimization tool CONGO are also included in CONVERGE.

About Convergent Science Inc.

Convergent Science, Inc. (formerly Convergent Thinking, LLC) is a world leader in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software development and consulting. Our flagship product, CONVERGE, is a CFD software package that is revolutionizing how fluid dynamics modeling is being used by engineers, researchers and designers. With CONVERGE, traditional CFD bottlenecks (namely grid generation) have been removed from the modeling process, allowing users to spend more time analyzing their simulations and no time generating grids.

The staff at Convergent Science are experts in CFD simulations, numerical methods, model development, and design optimization. Since 1997, Convergent Science has been providing quality consulting to the Internal Combustion Engine industry and beyond.

Version: 2.3.0 datecode 14022017 (CONVERGE Solvers are 2.3.20 now)
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: PC / Linux
Supported Operating Systems: windows Server / HPC x64, HPMPI / serial MPI / MPICH
Size: 1.0 Gb

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